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Here, we are united by one idea: that young people have the creativity, fire, and energy to change their world, and we are here to help them to achieve their goals.


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To ignite potential in students by providing tools that accelerate their personal development through a paid internship.

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To create a nationwide program of transformative educational experiences that help students navigate adulthood, amplify their successes, and positively impact their communities.

YC Core Values

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We teach critical thinking, leadership skills, financial literacy, good habits, personal responsibility, and independent thinking.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards of truthfulness, precision in our words, and unwavering moral principles. We believe our character is defined by how we respond to challenges, not by the circumstances we face.

Personal Growth

We nurture a positive mindset, a strong work ethic, and passionate perseverance. We focus on individual progress rather than comparison to others.

Create Value

We always strive to do our best. We create value through continuous self-improvement that extends beyond ourselves to our family, community, and country.


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Being a Youth Champion, I have developed a new positive outlook on life. The program provided me with the opportunity to read empowering books and to meet leading professionals from various industries and get personalized advice. I also learned financial management skills so I could better save money to pay for my college while also being able to treat myself.



Youth Champions Alumni

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I joined Youth Champions because I saw an extraordinary opportunity for me to develop my leadership and financial literacy skills. What motivates me to continue participating in this program is the valuable experience and knowledge that I gain through the weekly workshops, as well as the incredible staff and facilitators. I would like to thank Youth Champions for providing me and many others with an environment to continually learn and flourish.



Current Youth Champions Student

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Once I stepped out of my comfort zone and started attending the trips, I found that they were great opportunities to meet new individuals and have fun. Seeing me now, you would never think that I used to be a socially awkward guy but it’s all because Youth Champions wants us, the students, to achieve better for ourselves. This new mindset will follow me into college and my future goals and is something that I will never forget and truly be grateful towards.



Youth Champions Alumni