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Youth Champions Welcomes Entrepreneur Ferdinand Mehlinger As New Board Member

Ferdinand Mehlinger joins Youth Champions Board of Directors, bringing extensive expertise to empower underserved youth through transformative personal development experiences.

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 15, 2024Youth Champions, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering underserved youth through personal development and educational experiences, is pleased to announce the addition of Ferdinand Mehlinger to its Board of Directors.

Mehlinger is the head of SEO and Public Relations for OVTLYR, the world’s first AI Stock Trading Assistant based on behavioral signals and the founder of Bluoo Digital marketing agency.  He brings a wealth of experience to the Youth Champions team as an expert in applying data-driven solutions and growing brands and companies. As a foundational member of the original Backrub team that later evolved into Google, Mehlinger played a significant role in developing data structuring and algorithm development. His contributions were instrumental in creating Google’s influential search algorithm, which revolutionized the way we access information.  Now, he brings his unique background in technology and entrepreneurship to the Youth Champions Board of Directors.

Throughout his career, Mehlinger has demonstrated a keen ability to establish strategic partnerships across various industries, including biotechnology, nutrition and fitness, real estate, artificial intelligence, and financial markets. His entrepreneurial skills and visionary leadership have made him a respected figure in the business world.

“We are thrilled to welcome Ferdinand Mehlinger to the Youth Champions Board of Directors,” said Jack R. Cline Jr., co-founder of Youth Champions. “His deep understanding of data and his innovative approach will be invaluable as we continue to expand our programs and impact more young lives. We are confident that his expertise will help us further our mission of providing transformative personal development experiences to more underserved youth.”

Mehlinger’s journey is a testament to the power of innovation and steadfast commitment to excellence. His enduring contributions have shaped both the technology and business landscapes, serving as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs.

“I am honored to be a part of such an amazing vision and organization,” said Ferdinand Mehlinger, founder of Bluoo Digital marketing agency. “I believe in the transformative power of education and personal development, and I am excited to contribute to an organization that is dedicated to empowering young people.”

Youth Champions is focused on empowering young individuals to build the essential developmental skills and knowledge that are not typically taught in traditional high school settings, yet are crucial for students to thrive in their education, work, and personal lives. 

Youth Champions serves approximately 250 high school students each year through a comprehensive curriculum that enhances their skills, helps them gain real-world experience, encourages them to explore potential career paths, and enables them to be competitive in the 21st-century marketplace.  Students participate in a series of 24 virtual workshops on crucial topics such as problem-solving, leadership skills, financial literacy, good habit-building, personal responsibility, and independent thinking.  In addition, students attend six exploratory field trips designed to expand their career and educational horizons and begin to identify their strengths and interests.  Based on their level of participation, students can earn up to $1,000 each year. 

Youth Champions was established in 2017 under the umbrella of AltaMed Health Services,  a trusted community health organization in Southern California.  AltaMed served as an incubator for the program by providing backend support, student recruitment, and program management.  The decision to establish Youth Champions as an independent entity stems from the desire to provide even greater support to high school students beyond the Southern California community. 

Ferdinand Mehlinger joins the existing nine board members: Jack Cline Jr., Cambria Cline, Jacky Dilfer, Vera Campbell, Cástulo de la Rocha, Michael Dolphin, Richard Gomez, Bob Smiland, and Heriberto Gonzalez.

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About Youth Champions:  Youth Champions is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing high school students with the knowledge, skills, and resources to make informed life decisions.  Through a paid personal development internship that includes 24 interactive virtual workshops, six in-person field trips, mentorship programs, alumni association and educational resources, Youth Champions empowers young individuals to navigate the complex world of education, career, and personal finance confidently.  By equipping students with these strategic tools, Youth Champions aims to foster a generation that is responsible, capable, and empowered to achieve all their goals.  Since 2017, Youth Champions has served more than 1,000 students from 61 schools and awarded $328,500 in internship stipends and scholarships.

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