Youth Champions’ Field Trip Recap: Health and Wellness

We had an amazing time on Saturday, February 28, 2024, during our Health and Wellness Field Trip at Vernon City Hall in California! Our Youth Champions students immersed themselves in a world of fun and learning, exploring the significance of well-being in a vibrant and interactive environment.

During the field trip, students had two exciting paths to choose from. They could either attend a panel featuring healthcare professionals, gain valuable insights into various career opportunities, or participate in hands-on stations to learn practical health knowledge, including exercises and CPR techniques. These interactive stations highlighted the importance of basic health knowledge, regardless of whether students are considering a career in the health industry.

We are incredibly grateful for the dedicated volunteers who organized and supervised the event. It is thanks to these amazing individuals and our generous donors that events like this become a reality! A heartfelt thank you to everyone involved in making this event a success!

Special thanks to Vernon City Hall for hosting us and providing a welcoming space for our students to engage in these valuable learning experiences. Your support is truly appreciated!