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Youth Champions is committed to enhancing the student experience by fostering strategic partnerships with various organizations. By working together with like-minded organizations, we aim to provide students with access to mentorship, internships, workshops, and specialized programs that complement their learning and empower them to thrive academically and professionally. These partnerships expand horizons, create new avenues for growth, and enable students to connect classroom knowledge with real-world experiences, preparing them for success beyond their time with us.

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AltaMed is on a quest to eliminate health disparities in our communities, with personalized, culturally inclusive care and support.  They have 46 Southern California locations, offering primary medical, dental and senior care. AltaMed served as the incubator for the Youth Champions program for the program’s first five years, and both organizations continue to work closely together. AltaMed continues to provide resources for underserved youth to learn more about their options in the medical field.

CommandReady believes that leadership is an ongoing journey of growth and learning, where continuous development and knowledge enhancement not only shape environments but also lead to better business outcomes, innovation, and employee retention. They offer training and development for corporate customers and have developed the Youth Champions curriculum and provide the facilitators that make the education possible.

America Needs You (ANY) empowers ambitious first-generation college students with the tools they need to graduate college, succeed in their careers, and compete at the highest level by providing one-on-one mentorship, intensive career development, robust networks, and holistic support. The program consists of monthly workshops focused on the essential, non-academic skills needed to attain professional internships and jobs. Youth Champions partners with ANY to help provide our program alumni with great opportunities for continued support and resources after they leave high school.

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