Youth Champions

Testimonial: Brian Boyle

As the Work-based Learning Coordinator at the Huntington Park Institute of Applied Medicine (HPIAM) at Linda Marquez High School, I’m charged with developing programming that gives students real world work experiences and insight that will help them best transition to college and career pursuits. What is much overlooked are not just the exposure to professionals in the healthcare industry but the soft skills that enable the student to effectively navigate these professional settings.

The Youth Champion Program has been a blessing to me and HPIAM’s students because it focuses on elements of teamwork, networking, and practicing communication skills. The Wolfpack field trips have helped our students become more reflective about themselves and has enabled them to see themselves as both individuals and also within a larger group construct. This mindset really helps youth understand the value of Teamwork, which is a key skill set to their success in most any impactful group setting in the workplace. I love that Youth Champions is active in taking students outside their environment to illustrate professional and character-building concepts. The added value of knowing that the students are having exposure to a wide range of professionals and occupations is something that students need to have to see themselves in future career settings.  

I view Youth Champions as an extra hand in my work, that is much needed for public education schools with limited resources. Thank you, AltaMed and Youth Champions, for stepping into this crucial place of need in communities, especially represented by 1st generation college bound students. You’ve been a much-needed anchor point to lead students into actualizing their career aspirations.

Brian Boyle, Work-based Learning Coordinator
Huntington Park Institute of Applied Medicine at Linda Esperanza Marquez High School