Student Spotlight: Making Professional Connections

Priscilla Riscajche, First-Gen, Orthopaedic Hospital Medical Magnet High School

Over 40% of Youth Champion students are interested in careers in the health field. High school senior, Priscilla Riscajche shares how AltaMed Youth Champions has helped her get closer to her dream of becoming an optometrist.

Through the healthcare professional workshops, I have realized that I really want to help my community and even though it’s not an easy path, it is achievable. Because of guidance through Youth Champions, I feel ready to face the challenges college brings and pursue a major in molecular biology to one day become an optometrist. Through Youth Champions, I have been able to interact with successful healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs and business leaders to get inspired and receive crucial advice that will help me be a successful person while enhancing my communication, networking and leadership skills.